BrainSnack® World Score
Our new online game BrainSnack® World Score has it all to increase your webtraffic. Take up the challenge with the best visual logical puzzles and try to beat the world score.

Standard version
The standard version will get you up and running with BrainSnack® World Score in no time. We'll sent you one line of html-code you have to copy/paste in the page you want the game to appear on your website.
  • Every day we treat you to a new, unique visual brainteaser that will set your brain to work for a few minutes.
  • We keep track of the total number of correct and incorrect answers per puzzle for everyone that ever answered this puzzle anywhere in the world.
  • You can compare your personal score with the world score and/or group score; this is the score of all players of a website.
  • In the archives you can replay the puzzles from the last 36 days.
Click to see the standard version in action:
English GB, English US, Français, Nederlands, Portugese.

Personalised version
For a small extra setup fee, we can personalise BrainSnack® World Score with the following items:
  • When the player clicks to see the Group Score, your logo will be shown instead of the BrainSnack logo that is displayed with the World Score.
  • Instead of using the default puzzle order, you can select the puzzles for your audience from our database.
  • You can give more or less puzzles in the archives.
  • On the start screen and between the loading of a each puzzle you can put your own message instead the default message.
Click to see a personalised version with a logo on group score, only easy puzzles, 27 puzzles in the archives and an adaptable message on startup and between the puzzles.
English GB

  • Currently we offer the game in four languages: English GB, English US, French and Dutch.
  • All our puzzles are language independent and can easly be translated to any language.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Take up the challenge!
Every day we treat you to a new, unique visual brainteaser that will set your brain to work for a few minutes. Compare your personal score with the world score; you’ll know right away whether your brain is in top form.

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