Even and Odd Binairo®
The puzzle your readers
have been waiting for!

We published our first Binairo® in the summer of 2009 in Belgium’s largest newspaper. When the puzzle disappeared from the newspaper in the autumn, we were besieged with angry e-mails.
Puzzlers wanted their Binairo® back!

Today, the puzzle has regained its place in the newspaper and it appears in different countries.

At first sight, Binairo® looks like another derivative of the popular Sudoku puzzles. But that is not true! The only thing that Binairo® and Sudoku have in common is simple rules and an addictive effect on players.

Directions Even Binary puzzle
1. Complete the grid with zeros and ones until there are just as many zeros and ones in every row and every column.
2. No more than two of the same number can be next to or under each other.
3. Rows or columns with exactly the same content are not allowed.

There is only one valid solution per puzzle that can be reached through logic and clear thinking alone!

Directions Odd Binary puzzle
The directions for the odd puzzles are the same as those for the even puzzles with the exception that each row and column must contain an extra one. E.g. the rows and colums of an odd 13x13 grid must contain 6 zeros en 7 ones.

The puzzles are computer generated with human-logic algorithms. We can generate an almost infinite number of Binary puzzles for kids (aged 8 and up) and adults.

The grid size of the even puzzles can range from 10x10 to 18x18. Shaped like a square (10x10,12x12, etc...) or a rectangle (10x16,12x18, etc...). The grid sizes of the odd puzzles are squares from 11x11 to 19x19. Per grid size, puzzles come in five degrees of difficulty from very easy to very hard.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Next to syndication in newspapers and magazines, we can deliver custom-made magazines and books.

Even Binary BrainSnack® 10x10 - Very Easy
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