BrainSnack® Horoscope Sudoku
Sudoku Horoscope is our first attempt to take variations on Sudoku a step further by combining the fun of solving a Sudoku with other highly addictive and well-known products and games.

We have developed more than 50 different language-independent icons for love, friendship, family, success, business, money, travel, etc. Once the Sudoku is solved, each sign of the Zodiac will be able to discover the importance of today's events.

Discover what is written in the stars
for you today.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every frame of six boxes contains the six different symbols. Have a look at the row or column that corresponds with your sign of the zodiac and find out which of the six symbols are important for you today. The symbols appear in increasing order of importance (1-6).

Each of the six symbols stands for an event like health, work, money, happiness, love etc... you have to consider today. It’s up to you to translate the meaning of each symbol to your specific situation. E.g. the symbol of the house could mean that you have to pay attention to the house you are building, or perhaps you should be more at home.

We can generate an almost infinite number of Horoscope Sudokus for kids (aged 8 and up) and adults. Difficulty levels can range from beginners to experts.

We deliver a high-resolution PDF file for each game or group of games.

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Horoscope Sodoku Easy
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