The Original BrainSnack® Sudoku Football Match
The Original BrainSnack® Sudoku Football Match combines the fun of solving a Sudoku puzzle with the most popular sport in Europe, football (soccer). Once the puzzle is solved, you will have the score of a complete match. You can publish the puzzles as daily matches, or make magazines and books with them to play complete competitions.

1. Complete the pitch just like for classic Sudoku with the numbers 1 through 6, a ball and two penalty cards.

2. Find the match's score.
If you can link six boxes from the ball to the goal that contain every number from 1 through 6 then you have scored a goal with that ball. You can only move horizontally and/or vertically, and per goal you can only use each of the six boxes one time. The same ball can score for both teams one or more times if you find different routes from the ball to a goal. Team A scores in the goal to the left and team B in the goal to the right.

We can generate an almost infinite number of Football Sudokus for kids (aged 8 and up) and adults. Difficulty levels can range from beginners to experts. We can also make Football Sudoku's with the scores you want. E.g. if you want a Football Sudoku that has the same score as Brasil - France (0:1) in the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2006, we can produce it.

We deliver a high-resolution PDF file for each game or group of games.

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Football Sudoku
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