BrainSnack® Keep Going Maze
BrainSnack® Keep Going Mazes are language-independent, logical problems for young adults and adults. They are computer generated with human-logic algorithms.

Start on a blank square of your choice and connect as many blank squares as possible with one single continuous line. You can only connect squares along vertical and horizontal lines, not along diagonal lines. You are obliged to continue the connecting line up until the next obstacle, i.e. the rim of the raster, a black square or a square that has already been used. You can change directions at any obstacle you meet. Each square can only be used once. In the upper square is marked how many blank squares will be left unused. There is more than one solution. Click on the links below to see some samples.
We currently have more than 100 Keep Going Mazes for print- and website- publication, and we can make more upon request. All the mazes are available in colour and black and white. The basic languages for the instructions are English, French, and Dutch.

For each game we deliver an .rtf-text file for the directions. Graphics are delivered separately:
  • for print: Illustrator 9.01 EPS vector graphics
  • for websites: 256-colour GIF file

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Keep Going Sample 1
ID: KGG0068




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