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PeterFrank was founded in 2000. It is a partnership between High Performance bvba, owned by Peter De Schepper, and Frank Coussement bvba, owned by Frank Coussement. Together we form a dynamic, full-service content provider specialised in media content.

More than twenty years of experience in publishing management, art/design and software development for newspapers, consumer magazines, special interest publications and new media means that we know the tricks of the trade and how to build traffic and customer loyalty in a very competitive market.

Our internationally registered trademark, BrainSnack®, stands for challenging, language-independent, logical puzzles and mind games for kids, young adults and adults.

Our brand also stands for high quality puzzles. Whether they are made by hand, like our visual puzzles, or generated by computer like Sudoku, all puzzles are tested by the target group they were made for before we put them on the market. In order to guarantee that our computer generated puzzles can actually be solved by humans, we make programs that only use human logic algorithms.

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